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Oxygen-free Environments for Paintings

Anoxic frames are essentially miniature showcases for the oxygen-free display of two dimensional art (eg paintings on panels, watercolors, paintings on canvas, etc). As an extremely low oxygen level will prevent fading in many pigments and the oxidation of substrates and media, anoxic showcases hold great promise, both for protecting sensitive artworks and allowing increased light exposure on very fugitive pigments.

Research on oxygen-free frames has been underway for almost a decade. Keepsafe provided materials for some of the initial tests, and has been keeping abreast of developments since then. Work has been proceeding on both the creation of a frame that can provide a stable environment, and the effects of anoxia upon pigments, media, and substrates. It is important to note that research has shown anoxic storage and display of art to have both good and ill effects. We strongly advise that you become aware of the dangers, as well as the benefits.

Keepsafe Microclimate Systems is currently negotiating representation of ready to assemble passive anoxic showcases and picture fames with prominent designers and researchers. Please enquire













Click here for a discussion at the Getty Institute on microclimates and museum display of paintings. 



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