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ProSorb Humidity Stabilizer

ProSorb humidity buffer for museum showcases

PROSorb is a new silica gel ideally suited to stabilize relative humidity inside museum display cases and storage cabinets.

The ideal level of humidity for most museum display cases and storage cabinets is a level between 40 - 60 % RH (Relative Humidity). It is desirable to maintain an appropriate RH level for as long as possible. PROSorb has a unique and exceptional adsorption capacity within the 40 - 60 % RH range (see graphs below), and surpasses all other products sold for this purpose.

PROSorb is able to maintain a stable RH within narrow margins through its ability to both absorb and desorb water vapour; and is shipped pre-conditioned to your desired humidity level.

PROSorb also has a longer life span than other silica gels.

Adsorption Characteristics

Which silica gel is best for which humidity range?
The best product is the one with the steepest line in a given range.

Further advantages of PROSorb:

Free of Chlorides: PROSorb contains no lithium chloride, as some other products do (Lithium chloride is a chemical salt, potentially harmful to many metals. This salt can be transferred to metals in dust or by human touch). PROSorb consists of 97% SiO2 and 3% Al2O3.

Low Abrasion: PROSorb beads produce less dust than other silica gels (abrasion < 0,05 weight-% according to MIL-D).

High Bulk Density: One kg of PROSorb only needs a volume of ca. 1,5 l (much less than some other silica gels).

Long Term Stability: PROSorb maintains the greater part of its capacity well beyond the 2-5 years when other silica gels have lost a large portion of their capacity.

Economical: PROSorb is a better value than the other products sold for the same purpose.

Temperature Dependent: PROSorb is conditioned in relation to temperature, and reacts in the same way organic materials do. Therefore there will be no, or little, transfer of water vapour between organic materials and PROSorb if the temperature changes. Under fluctuating temperatures this property protects wooden objects and other organic materials from swelling or shrinking. Note that the conditioning indicated on the labels refers to 20°C. At 10°C the conditioning of the cassettes will be around 1 - 1,5 % RH lower, at 30°C around 1 - 1,5 % RH higher.