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Mini Three Microclimate Generator

Above: detail of Main module. Middle: Main Module. Below: Group with Valve, Main Module, Pump Modlue
Mini Three Master Unit

Mini Three Humidity Controller

The Mini Three is a compact and powerful humidity control device for museum showcases and storage enclosures. This quiet, robust and extremely efficient unit can reliably control relative humidity in very large individual showcases or many multiple enclosures. 

The Mini Three unit is based on proven technology, and satisfies the demanding standards of preventive conservation and modern museum design. It incorporates the most recent developments in electronic humidity control, noise suppression, and pollution abatement - and is built on the heritage of a series of microclimate control devices extending back to 1978.

Mini Three Master (above) and Slave (below)

This positive pressure microclimate control system will typically maintain the relative humidity level in a sealed enclosure to within less than two percent of your target relative humidity. Depending upon the ambient temperature conditions and enclosure construction, stable relative humidity levels of less than thirty to over eighty percent can be attained.

As the Mini Three can be installed in a number of configurations for differing applications, performance characteristics will vary with installations and enclosures. In its most common application, the unit will provide a constant flow of filtered air at a pre-set relative humidity level. This airflow will maintain stable humidity levels and purge pollutants in a tightly sealed museum display or storage enclosure of up to fifteen cubic meters / four hundred and fifty cubic feet. The use of an in-showcase sensor location, and air return system can boost this performance many times over.    Each slave unit has an equal output, and a number of slaves may be used with one master unit (an extra reservoir will be needed). 

Alternative installation modes may also be used: The device can be used as positive pressure only, or may recycle air from the showcase. A single unit may be used for an extremely large showcase, and if needed, slave units may also be used. Multiple enclosures can be controlled by a single unit (with optional slave units, which may be located at a substantial distance from the device).

The Mini Three consists of  two modules that may be arranged vertically or horizontally to maximize space. Additional slave units and water reservoirs are available  Self-limiting controls automatically adjust for differing case sizes, and data links for external control, reporting, and data logging are standard.