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Above: detail of Main module. Middle: Main Module. Below: Group with Valve, Main Module, Pump Modlue

Mini One Humidity Controller




The Mini One is a new generation miniature humidity control device for museum showcases and storage enclosures, designed to be quiet, robust and extremely efficient. A single Mini One unit can control one very large showcase, or multiple smaller showcases. The unit may be located in the showcase plinth or up to 25 m /35 ft away.

A single mechanism in the Mini One combines the functions of humidifier and dehumidifier. Thus, humidity spikes due to initializing separate components are prevented. When the preset humidity level has been achieved, the unit defaults supplying air at the desired humidity, further protecting against the generation of humidity spikes.

A unique air delivery system allows the Mini One to be used in a variety of applications: constant humidity positive pressure flow (for single or multiple enclosures) or compensating humidity flow for single enclosures from small to quite large. As in all microclimate solutions, increased capacity will be demonstrated with improved sealing and lower leakage rates. Air is transferred to and from showcases by a pump, not a fan, allowing for extremely long and unobtrusive tubing. Installation is easy, with all controls and connections on the unit's front panel.

A very large (1.3 liter) reservoir with electronic level indicator is included. No condensate drain is needed, and the unit comes prewired for automatic replenishment. Units may be used in multiples for very large showcases when a larger unit (eg Mini 5 LINK HERE) is not appropriate. All Keepsafe Microclimate Systems devices are delivered ready to install, including connections for electronic monitoring, tubing for a typical installation, manual, and unlimited telephone support.

Mini One microclimate generator
  • Controls humidity in large or small showcases
  • Maintains relative humidity to within one per cent of target
  • Achieves relative humidity levels of less than thirty to over eighty percent
  • Use with single or multiple enclosures
  • Control showcases from up to 25 m / 75 ft away
  • Easily maintained
  • Low power consumption
  • Whisper quiet
  • Positive pressure flow sweeps out pollutants
  • Nitrogen ready