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  • Provides conservation quality humidity control for very large display volumes, or multiple storage cases.
  • Accurately and consistently delivers humidity levels within 2% of set points.
  • Positive pressure ventilation with filtered and scrubbed air reduces case maintenance; pollutant and particulate inflow into cases is prevented.
  • Off-gassed pollutants generated in the cases are constantly flushed; the constant airflow also prevents stratification.
  • High volume airflow allows for reuse of older, or less efficiently sealed cases.
  • Remote central unit provides silent, invisible protection from up to 500 ft / 160 meters away via an unobtrusive system of pipes and tubes.
  • Designed and manufactured with the best quality industrial components for extreme reliability.
  • Multiple level failsafe systems and self monitoring diagnostics.
  • User friendly controls, including accurate and comprehensive electronic readouts.
  • Multi-point Building Management Service connections, and complete data logging options.
  • Maintenance is minimal.
  • Installation is simple and unobtrusive- use with existing or new galleries.
  • Individual cases may be easily added to, or removed from, the system.
  • Portable- unit moves on casters, new mechanical connections are easily supplied; unit may be easily used for alternate applications as needed.