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A Little Microclimate History

Mike & Jeff at Goppion, Milan
Jerry Shiner and Michael DiGiacomo

In the mid-nineties, I acted as a promoter and sales representative for Al Jacobs of Micro Climate Technology, whom I had met at a SPNHC meeting. My work produced some excellent results, and I was invited to assume the position of Vice President of Sales for a new company Jacobs was forming: Microclimate Technologies International Inc. Al and I took minority positions, giving control of the business to a corporation controlled by Jeff Mak and Michael Di Giacomo.

After some initial successes, the business foundered for a number of reasons (primarily under capitalization and lack of organization). Di Giacomo was operating a number of interconnected businesses simultaneously. Jacobs was retired, and was absent from the country for six months each year. Mak generally worked on a range of projects, with minimal input and consultation. I was unable to bring in enough sales to maintain ballooning overhead and other costs.

Eventually, Jacobs and Mak walked out. After their departure, Mak and Jacobs continued to manufacture the MCTI family of machines in China, operating as Micro Climate Technology / Museum Climate Controls. I remained with Di Giacomo to continue producing and promoting the machines for over a year, but eventually left when it became clear that I would never recoup my losses, and the business could not survive.

But it wasn't a total disaster: Given a clean slate, I have completely designed a new generation of miniature units, with the help of Preservatech Inc. (operated by a former employee, experienced in the development and production of the MCG4 and other units). These new units successfully satisfy the needs and demands I've been hearing from the museum community for almost twenty years, and offer substantial advantages over those developed years ago by Microclimate Technologies International Inc.

I continue to strive to earn the museum community's trust, and am proud of Keepsafe Microclimate System's reputation for both its business practices and for the effectiveness, reliability and support of the machines we produce.

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