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Yankee Stadium

Humidity Controller Hits Home Run in Yankee Stadium Museum's Display Cases

The New York Yankees are experts at winning games in the world's most sophisticated baseball stadium. Yet, to preserve treasured baseball memorabilia, their new museum needed more than major league pitching and hitting.
The New York Yankees Museum wanted to ensure that its celebrated display
of baseball artifacts would be protected from changes in humidity, pollutants
and temperature. Their curator turned to the experts in museum showcase
environmental control. Keepsafe Microclimate Systems analyzed their needs
and provided a range of options for environmental control. The museum
chose to install the Preservatech's new Mini One microclimate generators.
"The Mini One is simple to install." says Jerry Shiner, president of Keepsafe
Microclimate Systems. "The Yankee's museum did the initial preparation, and
we brought in the four units and commissioned them in less than one day.
Some of the Mini Ones are supplying conditioned air to showcases located
more than one hundred feet away! By the next morning data loggers in all
the display cases were reporting optimal conditions."
Shiner adds, "Our experience with a wide variety of microclimate solutions in
museums allowed us to install the technology with little impact on the day-
to-day operation of the museum. The Mini One, and the larger Maxi 60 can
complement the use of silica gel or other showcase humidity control
solutions, while providing substantial savings on climate control costs."


Keepsafe Microclimate Systems is a trusted supplier of environmental control
solutions for museums around the world, offering PROSorb silica gel, Mini
One and Maxi 60 microclimate generators, and materials for oxygen-free
storage and display of museum artifacts. For more information on Keepsafe
Microclimate Systems and its products or services, please contact Jerry Shiner at 
800 683 4696.


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