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WWII Valor in the Pacific environmental control designed by Keepsafe Microclimate Systems

 The new WWII Valor in the Pacific Visitor Center opened last December. The innovative Leeds Silver Certified facility is not air-conditioned, but uses natural air circulation and passive environmental control techniques.  Knowing that precious artefacts on display in this kind of environment would need sophisticated climate control techniques, Aldrich Pears Associates Ltd., under contract to the US National Park Service, commissioned Keepsafe Microclimate Systems to recommend and specify optimal showcase environmental control solutions.

 "We analyzed climatic conditions and historical data from previous microclimate installations in Hawaii. After discussions regarding construction techniques, planned environmental controls and staff limitations, we recommended installing a central active microclimate generator and an in-floor air distribution system. As three oxygen-free cases were requested by the client, we provided specifications for a humidified nitrogen source." says Jerry Shiner, President of Keepsafe Microclimate Systems.

Keepsafe Microclimate Systems designed the air distribution system, and specified the necessary facilities.  All exhibition components (showcases, mounts, nitrogen source, piping, microclimate generators, passive buffering, and installation services) were provided by a various subcontractors and vendors to the site owner. Commissioning of the units was by Preservatech Inc., a specialist in the manufacture and maintenance of microclimate generators. "There were no surprises once the units were turned on, " says Shiner. "All showcases achieved set points in a matter of hours once the generators began operating, so population of the cases by NPS staff proceeded on schedule."   

Due to the ever-present danger from tropical storms and power outages in Hawaii, Keepsafe Microclimate Systems also provided PROSorb humidity stabilizer cassettes (an especially effective silica gel compound) for inclusion in the showcases to ensure stable humidity levels in the event of a system failure.

 For more information on this project, or general microclimate control questions, please contact Jerry Shiner at +1 800 683-4696


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