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About Jerry Shiner

As founder of Keepsafe Microclimate Systems, and a former principal of Microclimate Technologies International, Jerry Shiner has been providing design and consultant services for environmental control of museum display and storage applications for almost twenty years.

Mr. Shiner has extensive expertise in the design and application of both active and passive methods of mitigating and controlling humidity, temperature, pollution, and oxygen levels for display and storage enclosures. In addition to hundreds of small installations worldwide, he has advised on large-scale active microclimate control installations across North America and in Europe (see below). Interactions with with architects, planners, designers, contractors, conservators, and plant and project managers have informed his understanding of the challenges in creating and maintaining museum effective environmental control systems.

He is author of numerous articles and papers on microclimate storage and display, and was invited to evaluate the EC's "FP6 Priority Scientific Support to Policies" grant in Brussels in 2006. He is a regular contributor to the Conservation Distlist, attends scientific meetings in North America and abroad, and teaches a popular course on Microclimate Control in Museums and Archives for the Northern States Conservation Center.

As a supplier of high-tech analytical devices and microclimate control systems, he remains well informed of trends in conservation and technology, and is a member of many professional organizations. Mr. Shiner's wide interests and previous careers in the fine arts and small business have provided him with a perspective that enables him to help bridge the common gap in the museum world between the desired and the possible.

Selected Projects:
In addition to advising on microclimate capabilities and designs, Mr. Shiner has learned from his direct involvement in many active microclimate control installations, large and small, working directly with designers, engineers, architects, case manufacturers, museum staff, and contractors in a wide variety of projects, including:

California Academy of Sciences
San Francisco

Brooklyn Museum of Fine Arts

MZTV Museum

Steamboat William Museum

University of Toronto Art Centre

Cantos Music Gallery

National Constitution Center

FDR Library

Old Fort Niagara

Grammy Museum
Los Angeles

Royal Ontario Museum


Jamestown Yorktown Foundation

San Diego Natural History Museum
San Diego

Discovery Place

Union Station
Kansas City

National Art Gallery

NASA Marshall Space Center

George Washington's Mount Vernon
Mt. Vernon

Public Museum of Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids

The Field Museum

WWII Valor in the Pacific Memorial

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