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typical configuration for a large central microclimate generator

The Maxi 60
A Centrally Located Microclimate Generator


The Maxi 60 is a fully automatic positive pressure humidity control system designed specifically to provide safe and effective conservation-quality humidity control for museum display or storage enclosures. A single unit can provide humidity control for an entire gallery of display cases - all supplied from a remote location. As the ambient temperature in the gallery fluctuates, the Maxi 60 will maintain constant relative humidity levels.



  • Provides conservation quality humidity control for very large display volumes, or multiple storage cases.
  • Accurately and consistently delivers humidity levels within 2% of set points.
  • Positive pressure ventilation with filtered and scrubbed air reduces case maintenance; pollutant and particulate inflow into cases is prevented.
  • Off-gassed pollutants generated in the cases are constantly flushed; the constant airflow also prevents stratification.
  • High volume airflow allows for reuse of older, or less efficiently sealed cases.
  • Remote central unit provides silent, invisible protection from up to 500 ft / 160 meters away via an unobtrusive system of pipes and tubes.
  • Designed and manufactured with the best quality industrial components for extreme reliability.
  • Multiple level failsafe systems and self monitoring diagnostics.
  • User friendly controls, including accurate and comprehensive electronic readouts.
  • Multi-point Building Management Service connections, and complete data logging options.
  • Maintenance is minimal.
  • Installation is simple and unobtrusive- use with existing or new galleries.
  • Individual cases may be easily added to, or removed from, the system.
  • Portable- unit moves on casters, new mechanical connections are easily supplied; unit may be easily used for alternate applications as needed.


Use an Maxi 60 for very large volume display cases, multiple display or storage cases in a single gallery or room, humidity-controlled temporary storage tents, or small archive rooms where:

  • existing air conditioning systems or building envelopes cannot maintain adequate humidity control.
  • extremely accurate humidity control in new or renovated galleries may be expensive or impractical.
  • existing cases with moderate to high leakage rates must be used.
  • energy cost savings of up to 20% must be realized.


The Maxi 60 uses a well established, but rather unique method of humidity control, developed for museum conservation applications in the early 1980's. Many developers have contributed improvements as newer generations of the original unit have been introduced. The Maxi 60 offers substantially increased treatment capacity, variable speed blowers, higher fault tolerance, more detailed annunciator functions, improved air and water filtering, and a simplified and more reliable control system. 

As well, there have been far reaching improvements in both maintenance and installation procedures and air distribution system design and installation. These efforts have been led by Keepsafe Systems, with substantial contributions by the on site conservation staff and engineers at institutions using central microclimate control.

Technical Specifications:

  • Unit Size: 36" wide x 24" deep x <72" height (including 4" diameter swivel casters)
  • Nominal Weight: <300 lb (reservoir empty), <500 lb (reservoir full)
  • Power Supply: As Requested, or 110V/220V/1/60, 3 wires plus ground, 30 Amp
  • Nominal Power Consumption: 12 Amps @ 220V when generating 50% RH @ 21 C
  • Maximum Operating Amperage: 23 Amps @ 220V/1/60
  • Air Intake and Output Filtering Media: Optional. We suggested a combination intake filter (Carbon / PP / Fine Particulate filters), and output using Fine Particulate filter
  • Water Supply: 1/4" hose connection for low mineral content domestic water line,  Reverse Osmosis filtering is strongly suggested
  • Drainage: Floor drain in vicinity of unit
  • Output RH: When shipped, the Maxi 60 is optimized to provide a constant flow of RH tempered air at tolerances of +/-2% or less, within an operating range of 15 to 30 degrees centigrade. Minimum RH output will depend on ambient temperatures, but an RH of <30% is achievable at 21 degrees C / 70 degrees F
  • Output Volume: variable flow rate up to 60 SCFM / 1700 lpm
  • Output Pressure: up to 9" wc / 22 mbar, allowing the use of small bore air distribution piping
  • Standard Accessories Included: Off-site alarm connections; sensor box; dump valve; manual and trouble-shooting guide
  • Optional Accessories include: Variable Speed Blower; Access via electronic Building Management System; Containment tray; Exernal Reservoir; Water and Air Intake Filtering
  • Control Capacity: Output volume will usually be adequate to supply up to 12,000 cubic feet / 400 cubic meters of enclosures (display cases, storage cabinets, small archives) at four air changes per day. It is important to note that the ultimate device capacity will depend on the leakage of cases, ambient humidities, layout of supply runs, and desired performance parameters.  We strongly urge you to consult a qualified planner to assist you in your application.

Note: Technical Specifications are typical only, and will vary as improvements to the units continue to be implemented.