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Active Microclimate Control

Active microclimate control devices can be used to create conservator-approved microenvironments in display, storage, or other sealed enclosures.

Miniature microclimate generator units fit beneath, above, or close to showcases to be controlled

All active microclimate control machines use electrically powered mechanisms to maintain optimal environments inside sealed enclosures, and are substantially more effective than passive solutions. Active microclimate installations can provide very substantial cost reductions in building energy use, and can be applied to almost any enclosure.

Centrally located microclimate generators can provide environmental control for multiple large showcases

Individual showcases or other enclosures can be climate controlled by miniaturized units within the showcase plinth, or many enclosures can be reliably controlled by a single central unit in a distant machine room. A wide variety of units are available to suit any need, but more importantly, we have the expertise to correctly match the appropriate units to your application and budget.

Keepsafe Microclimate Systems is proud to offer Preservatech's:

  • Mini One a miniature microclimate generator for display and storage enclosures
  • Maxi Sixty a large central unit for supplying multiple showcases or large storage areas
  • CL 500 showcase temperature control

We look forward to assisting you in finding the appropriate solution to your storage or display application.

Installation view: miniature active microclimate control units in China


Please visit the appropriate web pages above for performance specifications.

The Mini One exceeds performance of the Mini Clima and MCG series units. The Maxi Sixty meets or exceeds performance of the MCG30 and related units.