Ageless Eye® Oxygen Indicators

Ageless Eye Oxygen Indicators are small, individually packaged tablets which indicate the presence/absence of oxygen by colour change. Ageless® Eye indicators may be included in anxoic packages to indicate the effective absorbtion of all oxygen, and to warn of a breakdown in the oxygen barrier. Ageless Eyes® indicate the lack of oxygen (<.01%) by turning pink. At an oxygen level of .5% or more, the tablet turns blue. The presence of oxygen will be indicated in five minutes or less, while the change from blue to pink may take three hours or more.

When refrigerated and maintained in an oxygen-free state the manufacturer suggests that six months is the indicators maximum shelf life. Based on our experience with the Eyes, we advise caution when planning on using them in a laboratory or long-term applications, as these indicators may become unreliable after only a few "cycles" from low to high oxygen levels.

Ageless Eyes® are only available as a special order item. They are sold ONLY in carton quantities (500 pieces), and are only sold to commercial customers currently using Ageless.

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